Modern business owners have incorporated technological solutions to be part of their business processes. However, not all IT applications are useful in running business enterprises. In a fast changing business world, it’s important for technical personnel and business executives to deploy sustainable technology solutions that can guarantee long-term profits for their ventures.

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There are a variety of modern software products from various software vendors around the world that can be incorporated in the management of business processes. These applications are important in ensuring your staff can execute complex tasks within a short period of time. Besides, all business enterprises require personnel with the expertise to provide maintenance, support or training in the daily use of the software products. These additional services can be outsourced to dedicated IT companies like Naisoft Limited.

Naisoft partners with clients in different vertical markets to offer cutting-edge consultancy and deployment of software products that solve modern business process challenges. We also ensure scalable future-proof technologies are used to meet varied business demands. Whether you run a law firm, medium-sized retail store or a transport company, we have the perfect business solution for you.

We offer consultancy, deployment, training and support of the following software products/solutions:

  • Retail management system / Point of sale software – for retail shops, supermarkets
  • Hotel Management system – for bars, restaurant, h
  • Sacco management System
  • Hospital & Clinic Management System
  • School & College Management System
  • Fleet management system
  • Human resource software/ Payroll System
  • Real Estate Management System
  • Document Management System