Are you searching for a Payroll Software in Kenya? Naisoft has developed a stable payroll software that has all essential features that you need to run your organization’s human resource department. Our payroll management software makes monthly payroll processing easy.

After several years of experience in Kenyan market, we understand that HR professionals need simple to use software. This contributes to increased efficiency and productivity.

payroll system in kenya

Human Resource(HR) management system in Kenya

Our human resource and payroll software has superior features that is suited for the Kenyan organizations. If you are looking for a Payroll software in Kenya that eliminates the need for manual calculation of tax returns and other statutory deductions, we are here for you. Contact us to get started.

Why Choose the Best Payroll software from Naisoft?

  1.  Simple to use
  2. Generate company branded pay slips that are professional
  3. Ability to send pay slips to all employees via email simultaneously
  4. Automatically and accurately calculate statutory deductions such HELB, NSSF,NHIF,
  5. Calculate employee bonus and commissions
  6. Automated calculations for necessary deductions for insurance, Retirement fund etc
  7. PAYE deductions
  8. Monitor Sacco and Bank Loans
  9. Advance Pay feature
  10. Calculate payable overtime earnings


  1. Generates NHIF reports
  2. Generate NSSF reports
  3. Generates monthly Muster Roll report
  4. Generates KRA reports P9, P10A, P10
  5. Generates custom reports for basic pay, gross pay, net pay, and other deductions.
  6. Generates Helb, saccos, banks loan repayment reports