Naisoft Limited provides professional consultation, setup, training and support on the use of Google Apps products. Google Apps provides very simple yet powerful collaboration and communication tools for all businesses – all this services are hosted on a Google platform to simplify deployment, reduce service/maintenance, and cut costs. We are the Google Apps for Work dealers in Kenya .

What is Google Apps / G Suite?


Google Apps or G Suite is a world-class collaborative web application from Google, and requires no additional software or hardware on the customer side. This cloud computing service enables you to have a customized domain name setup on the Google platform; in this manner your company employees can easily access all the collaborative features of Google Apps products:

  • Email addresses customized to your domain (
  • IM access, Mobile email, and calendar
  • Additional hardware or software is not required
  • Efficient email and phone support 24/7
  • 99.9% uptime service
  • The best spam filtering system
  • Efficient email and phone support 24/7
  • 99.9% uptime service
Google Apps Services
  • Google Apps for Work
  • Google Apps for Education
  • Google Apps Vault
  • Google Apps Message Security (GMS –  Postini Mail Filtering)
  • Google Apps for Non-Profit
  • Google Apps Message Discovery (GMD – Postini Mail Archiving and Compliance)

Google Apps Solutions

google apps in kenya Google GMail Use your domain name google resellers in kenya Google DriveSynced File Storage corporate email solution Google Calendar computers in kenya Google VaultEmail Archiving


 Google Apps for Work platform is a web-based but powerful, and is a suite email, documents, calendar, and collaboration tools that has been simplified to enable you concentrate on your core business. Naisoft engineers offer consultation, setup, migration, integration and training services; in summary our work will involve:
  • Your company domain setup and verification with Google Apps service
  • Mail server records configuration
  • Creating new user accounts and administrative panel setup on Google Apps
  • Setting up security features and domain name sharing.
  • User Support and Training

7 Reasons why you should use Google Apps for Work?

  1. Easily accessible from anywhere using mobile, ipad or laptop/desktop – We can sync Ms Outlook emails with Google Apps!
  2. No need to own email servers that are expensive to maintain and prone to downtimes.
  3. Sufficient storage space – 30GB per email user account.
  4. It’s easy for your team to collaborate – share of project documents and information eg technicians in the field can work on the same excel/Ms word document with colleagues in the main office at the same time!
  5. Easy to backup unlimited files in the cloud (Google Drive). You no longer need data recovery experts in case your laptop/hard drive or servers are crushed! Save the money today.
  6. Trusted by millions of businesses SMEs, SOHOS and corporations all over the world. You can’t go wrong with Google Apps.
  7. You save on your IT costs when your company adopts Google Apps.

We are an authorized Google Apps for Work partner in Nairobi, Kenya.  We have deployed Google Apps to many clients and look forward to add you on our list…

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  • Google Apps for Work license
  • Email Setup
  • Data migration

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