Cloud computing is a web-service that involves provision of storage capacity and virtualized computing resources. The virtual computing resource(email, software,data storage)s are managed through remote servers by cloud providers. The cloud provides manage the cloud platform to offer Software as a service(Saas), Infrastructure as a service(Iaas) or Platform as a service(Paas).

End users can access this services through normal browsers on computing devices – PC, Ipad, Mobile Phones etc. Therefore end users do not have to manage or scale the IT infrastructure resources and instead focus on their core businesses. This leads to reduced running/capital costs ,increased productivity,mobility,collaboration and profitability of businesses.

The major companies involved in the cloud computing industry incude Google (Google Apps), Oracle Cloud, Microsoft (Microsoft 365), or Amazon (Amazon Elastic Computer Cloud), Zoho Inc among others.

We are an authorized Google Apps reseller in Kenya providing  optimized email and data solutions – Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Earth Enterprise. Our team of engineers are well trained to handle small to large scale deployments of the above mentioned products.

Naisoft Cloud Storage Service

Naisoft cloud is a world-class cloud storage service for SME companies in Kenya. We offer data protection from mobile phones to Microsoft exchange servers. Naisoft offers triple-layer encryption for your data. Our cloud storage service will help your organization backup your important data and be able to recover it anytime and anywhere. The backup process is effortless and runs in the background as you focus on your work.

Cloud Storage Service Plans & Pricing


 MONTHLY PRICE ( vat inclusive)

  200GB Storage   Ksh. 2,500
  400GB Storage   Ksh. 4,700
  500GB Storage   Ksh. 6,000
  800GB Storage   Ksh. 9,400
  1 TB Storage   Ksh. 12000
  2 TB Storage   Ksh. 23,000
  5 TB Storage   Ksh. 57,000
  10 TB Storage   Ksh. 115,000
  20 TB Storage   Ksh. 236,000
  30 TB Storage   Ksh. 350,000
  50 TB Storage   Ksh. 565,000

We also offer on-premise backup services