Naisoft offers a comprehensive and stable Point of sale (POS) software solution to handle all hotel business processes. The software automates tasks such as reservations and booking guests, orders and sales, human resource, kitchen, inventory and stores, administration, procurement, finance & accounting etc.  It is ideal for :

  1. Hotels
  2. bars
  3. clubs
  4. fast food restaurants
  5. holiday homes
  6. Members clubs
  7. guest cottages
  8. milk bars
  9. coffee shops
  10. pizzerias
  11. Health clubs, Spas, Gym

Why Choose Our Best Hotel Management Software in Kenya?

Our hotel management software in kenya solution is versatile, seamless to integrate and use. It  makes it easy to automate data backup and manage business information.

restaurant POS Kenya

Core Modules:

Point Of Sale

  1. Menu to create new orders
  2. Rapid selection of drinks/ meals through images
  3. Supports touch screen point of sale
  4. Support discounts, promotions such as happy hour offers
  5. Generates invoices and receipts
  6. Analysis of tax for accounting and KRA returns computation
  7. Allows multiple payment methods – cash, mobile payments, cheque, credit cards etc
  8. Generates reports for sales – can be for each cashier, waiter
  9. Allows end of shift reports

Human Resource

  1. Employee information management
  2. Manages analysis of statutory reports – NSSF, NHIF, PAYE, Sacco Loans
  3. Payrol functionality – generate payslips


  1. Track sales, invoices and payments
  2. Journal voucher
  3. Chart of accounts
  4. Bank reconciliation

Kitchen & Inventory

  1. Create categories of items
  2. Add new items of stock
  3. Manage movement of stock items from purchases, returns outwards, sales, return inwards
  4. Real-time reports on stocks
  5. Monitor expiry of kitchen stock


  1. Create different categories of available facilities in your bar and restaurant
  2. Create and adjust prices for facilities – rooms, conference halls
  3. Register rooms and items to guests


  1. Create LPOS  for stock items create invoices to suppliers
  2. Pay bills and invoices etc

What is the Price of Naisoft Hotel Management Software?

The price of a hotel management system is dependent on the platform used to develop, modules needed and complexity of the requested customization. If you need an affordable restaurant POS or hotel management software in Nairobi, Kenya, look no further. Naisoft will install and support the hotel software and enable you focus on your core business. We also serve customers in Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, Burundi, Somalia & Ethiopia.